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Wright Joins Peters To Throttle Wide Open Racing Super Stock Doug Wright

It didn’t take long for Loren Peters of Kansas City, Mo., to recruit a teammate to race the successful Super Stock-class Doug Wright 32-foot catamaran—the former FJ Propeller ride owned by Gary Ballough, who is going to race a new 32-foot Victory cat this season—with him in this year’s American Power Boat Association Offshore Championship series.

peters wright2a

Loren Peters (left) and Mike Wright of Wide Open Racing are eager to compete in the Super Stock class during this season’s APBA Offshore Championship series (click to enlarge). Photo by David Dilks/Lake Shots Photography

Fellow Lake of the Ozarks performance boater Mike Wright, who owns the Class 5 29-foot Warlock V-bottom he’s raced in many Offshore Powerboat Association events the last five years, is teaming up with Peters to compete in the Super Stock class as the Wide Open Racing team. Needless to say, Wright, who is bringing his primary sponsor—WIA Marine Insurance—with him to the team, is excited about the opportunity to race with Peters in such a competitive class filled with experienced race teams.

“I’m looking forward to racing with Loren this year,” Wright said. “I planned to race Class 5 and doing the whole series, then Loren bought the Doug Wright. We had talked about racing together before but it was never a serious conversation. So when he got the boat back to the lake, we went out and tested together and it worked. I’ve always wanted to race a canopied boat—it doesn’t get any better than the opportunity to race in this class with a friend like Loren.”

peters wright1

Peters and Wright have been testing the 32-foot Doug Wright on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks (click to enlarge). Photo by Mike Wright

Wright said he is going to be throttling the boat and Peters is going to control the wheel. He’s not putting any expectations on how well the team is going to do—just that he and Peters plan to have fun running the boat as well as getting to know the other competitors in the class.

“I’ve driven some of my friends’ Skaters but I’ve never owned a pleasure catamaran,” Wright said when asked about his catamaran experience. “Loren and I have been testing a lot and we’re getting really comfortable in the boat. It’s a Doug Wright so it almost goes without saying that it’s an incredible handling boat.”

Wright said he may pull double duty at Lake Race on Central Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks on June 1 since it’s his hometown event, but other than that he isn’t going to race his Warlock at any of the other five series stops produced by OPA and Powerboat P1. The season opener is set for May in Cocoa Beach, Fla., and Peters and Wright can’t wait to show off the Wide Open Racing boat, which is sponsored by WIA, L Peters Construction, KC Tan and Precision Paint Worx.

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