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Wozencraft World Tour Photo Gallery No. 3: Scenes From The Lake Cumberland Thunder Run

For my third adventure of the 2018 boating season—the June 16 Lake Cumberland Thunder Run—I brought my son, Lukas. We flew from Southern California to Chattanooga, Tenn., ahead of time to do some sightseeing and enjoy some father-and-son bonding time in the beautiful city.

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The third stop on the author’s summer tour found him at the Lake Cumberland Fun Run (click image to enlarge). Photos courtesy/copyright Devin Wozencraft/Woznecraft Insurance Agency.

From there we went out to the farm where my friend let me keep the boat in his barn after the Chattanooga-based Rooster Tails Thru Choo-Choo Poker Run earlier in the month, and we hitched up our 30-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran and headed to Cumberland, Ky. When we picked up the boat we noticed that some racoons made their way up to the topside of the boat to sleep on the reclining cockpit cover. Thankfully none got inside.


This time around, Wozencraft’s son, Lukas (far right), joined him for the adventure.

The drive through rural Tennessee and Kentucky on Thursday was beautiful, and once we arrived at Cumberland the dockhands at State Dock helped me launch the boat, as Lukas still isn’t of driving age (that time is coming). We stayed on a houseboat in “houseboat row,” which was nice because I parked the Skater right next to our floating home for the weekend.

On Friday, we joined the event’s lunch run and raft-up and it was loads of fun. The 76 Falls waterfall feature provided a great backdrop for the raft-up and we spent the afternoon chilling out with new and longtime friends.

For more images from Wozencraft’s Thunder Run photo gallery, check out the slideshow above.

For Saturday’s Thunder Run, Lukas was treated to the ride of his life in the event helicopter (also known as the Wozencopter) with event photographer Kevin Johns while I ran the Skater. That was my son’s first time in a helicopter and he spent two hours chasing down boats with Lane. It was an experience he’ll never forget.

The following morning, we packed up and headed north to Cincinnati, where we are storing the boat at my friend Jeff Ampt’s shop called Amplified Cincy, a specialized marine audio retailer. While we there, he had enough time to tour the city. We rented bikes and rode across the bridge into Covington, Ky., and back, got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall, had dinner and enjoyed the scenery around the Ohio River, which goes right through the town.

Editor’s note: Devin Wozencraft is the principal of Southern California-based Wozencraft Insurance Agency, which specializes in high-performance powerboat coverage.

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