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Wozencraft World Tour Photo Gallery No. 2: Scenes From Rooster Tails On Rocky Top

The second stop of insurance man Devin’s Wozencraft’s 2018 season of adventure found him hauling his 30-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran to last weekend’s “Rooster Tails Thru Choo-Choo Poker Run”—formerly the Rooster Tails On Rocky Top Poker Run—outside Chattanooga, Tenn. While it wasn’t the Southern California’s first on-water adventure in the Volunteer State, it was his run time participating in the Tennessee River-based event, which celebrated its fifth anniversary this year benefitted the Lana’s Love Foundation, which helps support children with cancer.

wozencraftrocky 01

Devin Wozencraft continued his 2018 “World Tour” last weekend on the Tennessee River in Chatanooga.

Despite an early season tropical storm during the week that sent rough weather to the area and created fast-flowing water on the river, Wozencraft was delighted with his experience.

“The city of Chattanooga is beautiful and the people are very friendly,” he said. “When I arrived, there was much discussion about the river flow as the tropical storm had just come through Tennessee two days prior. The damn above was letting large amounts of water out and the river flow was running at least 10 mph, which created some challenges in docking the boats in the slips right behind the main hotel, the Springhill Suites of Chattanooga. And the main launch ramp was closed due to high water levels which scrambled the participants to launch at multiple locations further out, including one that had a drop off and caused some trailer damages, including mine.

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“But once the boats were launched and docked in their slips, it was all good,” he continued. The area is beautiful. Scottie’s the hotel restaurant was a great venue to be based out of.”

The event’s loose schedule afforded Wozencraft the opportunity to get to know the participants better, he said. During Friday’s party at the riverfront venue, participants were treated to “fly-bys” from Keith Nunez in his 40-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran and Gerald Brown in his 47-foot Fountain sportboat. The 35-mile run happened the following morning and ended up with a 25-boat raft-up.

“That was the best part of the whole event—tying up with friends, swimming, drinking, eating and taking in gorgeous views of the surrounding green mountains,” said Wozencraft. “Saturday night’s card turn-in party was on the River Belle paddlewheel boat on the river in downtown Chattanooga.

“With its great environment and people, it was an all-around good time,” he added. “If they put on the event next year, I definitely would consider coming back.

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