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Wozencraft Lands Skater 30 SS, E-Ticket 29 Luxury Cat for Sale

In a bit of a surprise turn of events—even to himself—Devin Wozencraft, the owner of Wozencraft Insurance based in Tustin, Calif., is going to be at the helm of his new Skater Powerboats 30 SS catamaran in exactly one week on Georgia’s Lake Lanier.

wozencraft skater1

Devin Wozencraft decided now was a good time to sell his E-Ticket deck boat and purchase this outboard-powered 30-foot Skater cat.

“It really was the right boat at the right place at the right time—I love my E-Ticket and its 710-hp Ilmor Marine engines but I have a feeling I’m also going to love this boat,” said Wozencraft, who raved about his experience in Freedom, Jim Lee’s 28-foot Skater, after logging seat time in the outboard-powered boat over several days during the 2016 Miami International Boat Show.

According to Wozencraft, the 2015 catamaran, which was built for New York performance boater Jimmy Kimmel and was on display at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show, has low engine hours, which allowed him to retain Mercury’s factory warranty and add the extended warranty. He also liked the fact that the Skater is lighter, which makes it easier to tow to events across the country.

“I love the E-Ticket and a big reason for that is the Ilmor power—the engines look great, they sound awesome, they have good fuel economy and they flat-out kick ass,” Wozencraft explained. “But I think I’m going to appreciate the outboard engines—the fuel economy especially—not to mention the performance attributes of the 30-foot Skater. The E-Ticket is a faster boat since it tops out above 120 mph, but it’s not like I ran it that fast with my family on board or with anyone in the front lounges.”

wozencraft eticket1

Wozencraft’s E-Ticket 29 Luxury Cat will soon be for sale at Performance Boat Center in Osage Beach, Mo.

Wozencraft said Shane Sherman is currently hauling the E-Ticket from storage in Nashville to Lake of the Ozarks where it will be for sale at Performance Boat Center. Following his broadcast responsibilities for this weekend’s GLOC Performance Boat Challenge Shootout, Sherman is going to haul the five-seat Skater to Georgia where Wozencraft will take delivery of it.

The outboard-powered boat is a first for Wozencraft, who said his decision to sell the deck boat has not made him very popular with his wife and kids.

“I’m going to miss some things about the E-Ticket, there’s no doubt, but I told the family we could buy an old pontoon boat to thrash around on in Havasu,” he said, adding that he’s definitely going to upgrade the stereo system in the Skater in the near future and probably add a Wozencraft sticker or two. “I’m looking forward to getting the chance to run the boat next week. I’m super excited.”

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