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Wozencraft Hoping to Make Eastern Inroads with Go-Fast Boat Insurance


Primarily known to high-performance powerboat owners west of the Mississippi River, Wozencraft Insurance Agency is hoping to expand its go-fast boat insurance presence and products to the East Coast market. That’s the word from company principal Devin Wozencraft, who was invited by Douglas Marine/Skater owner and founder Peter Hledin to hang out and discuss insurance with potential Skater catamaran buyers in the Skaternation display at last week’s Miami International Boat Show.

“We always like to have someone in the booth from the insurance world so that our clients understand that they can get insurance for these boats,” said Hledin.

For Wozencraft, who said he was “flattered and excited” to be invited by Hledin, the trip to the Miami show was his first. He explained this his company uses five different insurance brokers to write policies for any go-fast boat starting in the 60- to 70-mph range and going all the way up to “over 200 mph.”

“The buyers of these boats usually are successful businessmen, so they approach their existing insurance carriers for business, home and life and so on to insure their boats,” Wozencraft said. “They find out quickly that those carriers won’t cover, let’s say, a 150-mph Skater catamaran. We’re not just here to expand our presence on the East Coast, but to let people here know that, yes, these boats are insurable.