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Wittich Takes Delivery Of Remarkable Sunsation 34 CCX With Triple Mercury Racing 450R Engines

Phenomenal—that’s the word Louisiana performance boater Kort Wittich used to describe his new boat from Algonac, Mich.-based Sunsation Boats. It’s the same word utilized by everyone who had a hand in building the boat. And it’s likely the same description anyone who sees the boat in person over the coming months and years is going to employ.

The new Kort Ordered 34 CCX from Sunsation Boats could be the coolest and most custom performance center console the Michigan company has built to date. Photos courtesy Brad DiMaggio/Sunsation Boats

Wittich, the man behind the patented outboard engine shield and fender company Motor Monkey, took delivery of his second Sunsation 34 CCX late last week after getting a chance to visit the company the week before when Sunsation’s Kyle Miller water-tested the 34-footer for the first time. Powered by a trio of Mercury Racing 450R engines—the first 34 CCX with that power package—and painted inside and out by the talented Mitcher T. Custom Painting and Design in Middleville, Mich., the center console is arguably the most technologically advanced boat Sunsation has ever built.

“Everything in the new boat—there’s a lot of stuff Sunsation had never done before—is incredible,” said Wittich, who owns Kort’s Construction Service in Covington, La. “To power all of the extra JL Audio stereo equipment, an all-new air conditioning system and the top-notch electronics, the boat has a pretty sophisticated system of inverters and lithium ion batteries that gave the guys at Sunsation a run for their money. They got it all figured out and they ended up doing some trick stuff, such as the custom amp rack in the cabin for the new JL Audio digital amplifiers, which has a clear Plexiglas cover featuring a backlit Sunsation logo and fans on switches inside to keep everything cool.

“It took a little longer than expected, but they were shut down for eight weeks because of the whole COVID thing, plus they didn’t cut any corners along the way,” he added. “They spent a lot of time making sure everything was right. That’s what I like about Sunsation. I wasn’t able to go up there as many times I would have preferred to during the build process because of the pandemic, but they communicated well and we made a lot of decisions over phones and computers.”

Wittich, who also owns a Skater Powerboats 388 catamaran that was repowered not that long ago with twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines by Gulf Coast Complete Marine Service in Texas, said the boat ran great during his trip to Michigan and that he can’t wait to get some more seat time in it to get a better feel for the additional horsepower and learn how everything works. He added that he’s going to take the boat out today to put some more hours on it and then drive it to Biloxi, Miss., on Thursday for the local Gulf Coast Offshore Powerboat Club’s annual Horn Island Run taking place July 16-19.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the Sunsation 34 CCX painted by Mitcher T. Custom Painting and Design.

“Sunsation delivered the boat last week and I haven’t had time to run it, but I’m going to try to get the rest of the break-in hours off of it before we take it to Biloxi for the weekend,” he said. “Before we get to Biloxi, the engines should be through the 10-hour break-in period so we can open up the throttles and really see what it’s capable of running after that. Kyle ran it at the factory one last time before they brought it to Louisiana and he got it up to 88 mph by himself. A lot of people are asking how fast it is. They’ll have to wait and see, but 90-plus mph is what we’re expecting.”

Miller said Wittich’s boat includes some of the most extensive customization Sunsation has done to date, including new up-front seat designs, more technologically advanced battery power, 36 JL Audio speakers and custom SeaDek.

“There are nine batteries in the boat,” Wittich said. “There’s one huge lithium ion battery that runs just the stereo system and there are three other large batteries that power the air conditioner and the 110 system for the boat. And then there are five house batteries for the electronics and starting the motors.”

Kort Wittich, second from left, was beyond impressed with the Sunsation team’s work on his new 34-foot center console.

Outside of the impressive 450-hp engines, which feature custom-painted cowlings with LED, Wittich’s two favorite parts of the boat so far are the endless array of color-changing lights and the well-executed and significantly detailed paintjob from Mitcher T.

“This is the third boat Mitcher T has painted for me and each one has been better than the previous one,” Wittich said. “We wanted to do something different with this boat, but I still wanted the blues in it. So we went with three different blues and I really fell in love with the two-tone fade from gray to silver that he came up with. He painted everything from the back seats and the console to the engine cowlings and the sides all the way down to the floorboard.

“The boat really is one of a kind,” he continued. “The interior is outstanding and the SeaDek turned out great, too. I can’t wait for everyone to get a chance to see it in person.”

Wittich said he plans to take the boat to the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Central Missouri at the end of August and to the Lake Cumberland Poker Run (Sept. 11-13) in Kentucky.

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