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Wisconsin’s Finest Meet In New Water Street Confidential Episode

Though they’d never met before we paired them for Mercury Racing’s Water Street Confidential video series—a bit of a surprise given their decades of involvement in the high-performance marine world—Boating magazine editor-at-large Charles Plueddeman and Mercury Racing product integration specialist Mike Griffiths have a lot in common. First, they both are exceptional at their jobs. If you called either of them the GOAT in his respective field you’d get no argument here.

At the top of their respective games, Wisconsinites Charles Plueddeman and Mike Griffiths met for the first time during the January 2023 shoot for their Water Street Confidential video series segment. (Click this link or the image to watch the video).

Second, they’re from Wisconsin and have accents so thick they could star in a Cheesehead remake of Fargo. Their episode even leads off with Plueddeman saying, “Okey dokey.”

Last though far from least, they are snowmobile fanatics. And that was where their wide-ranging conversation ultimately went. (For those of you who never heard of a sled called the Mercury Sno-Twister introduced in 1975 get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about it.)

Of course, they also talk a bit about their jobs and the evolution of Mercury Racing, right up to its current series “R-series” outboards and QC4v (quad-cam four-valve) sterndrive engines. But what shines through the entire five-minute video is their passion for high-performance, whether it be from the latest Ski-Doo (pronounced as one word—“skehdoo”—in Plueddeman parlance) snowmobile or a 48-foot Mercury Racing 1350/1100-powered catamaran from MTI.

So open a bottle of Spotted Cow, as least if you happen to be in Wisconsin because it’s not sold outside the state, and enjoy the ride.

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