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Winters Readying Kenny Mungle Bobbleheads for Sale

munglebobble 03

Collectible and just plain fun—and often downright funny—to own, bobblehead figures are staples of Major League Baseball “Souvenir Nights” around the country. Photographer Jim Winters has expanded the bobblehead into the powerboat racing world, and his latest offering featuring Kenny Mungle of Gone Again fame is likely to be a major hit with family, friends and fans of the popular Texas-based top-speed contest competitor.

Winters said he is ordering 1,000 of the limited edition figurines, each of which will retail for $20 and will be manufactured of high-density resin and packaged with foam in its own box. He is hoping that Mungle will attend the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla., Nov. 8-15. if so, Winters will have bobbleheads available for purchase there.

munglebobble 01

The final Kenny Mungle bobblehead carving with complete paint, now ready for production (click image to enlarge).

“Every friend, family member, and/or fan will take one,” Winters said. “Every where you eat, the restaurateur will want one. The Mungles are literally some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

“My photographer friend, Jim Winters of Nikon Miami, he can do anything—he is so creative,” Mungle said. “Everything he does is amazing. He does some really cool stuff. I have no artistic ability.”

Mungle paused then laughed. “If this is the big time, I guess I’ve made it,” he said.

Though Mungle won’t be racing in Key West in his 32-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran, he said he may attend the event. If that happens, sales of his likeness—think autographs on the underside of the base of the bobblehead—could go off the charts.

“I’ll know in two or three days for sure if I’m going to be there,” Mungle said.

Editor’s note: To order a Kenny Mungle bobblehead in advance, contact Jim Winters at [email protected] or 786-277-6366.

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