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Will Donzi Go Custom

Hi Matt: With the direction of all Performance boats, this would be a very smart move on Donzi’s part, What Donzi should do is build boats to custom order. Pick 5 direct dealers that not only have knowledge of the product but also have a proven record of selling Donzi. With floor planning being some what of the past, Donzi has to focus on paper orders and service being the key part of how Donzi will survive. In the past few years Donzi has flooded the market with boats to Dealers that had no clue or experience on selling the boats. This just made it harder for a good dealer to sell for a profit, most dealers were selling for a loss or giving up the boats to the floorplan companies. Getting folks financed is hard enough in todays world. Not to blow smoke but when I sold Donzi I was one of the best, always being one of the top 5 spot but 2 years in a row being number 2 and that is a great accomplishment for a Dealer out of NJ. My love for the boat, name and knowledge always made me the go to guy on Donzi. I can only wish them the best and get the name Donzi back to the top of the game once again! Frank Civitano Typhoon Service Center Toms River NJ