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Whipple Building Big-Power Eliminator 28 Fun Deck Family Boat

Selling the spectacular Outerlimits SV 43 sportboat he built with his brother-in-law, Mike Fiore, to Wisconsin-based Glenn Kennedy earlier this year produced an unexpected and bittersweet consequence for Dustin Whipple of Whipple Superchargers in Fresno, Calif. He rediscovered his passion for getting on the water. What’s more, Whipple’s two-and-a-half-year-old son, Brixton, had a ball in the boat on Millerton Reservoir on the morning they turned it over to its new owner.

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Whipple plans to use his 28-footer, which will be powered by an 1,100-hp Whipple-supercharged engine and completed early next year, for weekend family outings near his home.

“My wife, Amanda, Brixton and I ran the boat before we delivered it to Glenn and Brixton loved ‘going fast,’” Whipple said, then laughed. “He loves loud motors and stuff. I guess the acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

In that moment, a tough one given his history with the 43-footer he built with Fiore, who died in 2014, Whipple knew he needed another boat. Initially, he settled on an Eliminator Boats 28 Fun Deck that the Mira Loma, Calif, performance-boat builder had in stock. But the timing didn’t work so Whipple ordered a new 28-footer.

Of course, given its owner, the boat is being equipped with significant power.

“We have a 540-cubic-inch engine left over from when Mike was here,” said Whipple. “I just sent it to Bob Teague (of Teague Custom Marine) to go through it before it comes back here and I put a supercharger on it. It should make about 1,100 hp.

“We’re not going for big speed,” he added. “We’re not going to take it to events around the country. We just want it for getting out on the water around here on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Whipple said he expects his Eliminator to be finished mid January.

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