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Where Credit Is Due—Photographer Tim Sharkey

With the Speed On The Water 2021 Year In Review issue getting into the hands of readers around the country this week, the raves are coming in at a fast and furious pace. The reception for the 196-page, seventh annual print magazine is both gratifying and humbling. As you can imagine, the work that goes into producing it is substantial.

Like the rest of the images in our 2021 Year In Review coverage of the Spartan Powerboat Club Barnegat Bay Marina Fun Run—and the Lake Champlain Poker Run—this photo is a product of Tim Sharkey of Sharkey Images.

Here’s something even more humbling and the polar opposite of gratifying. In our Lake Champlain Poker Run and Spartan Powerboat Club Barnegat Bay Marina Fun Run layouts, we credited the wrong photographer. Veteran shooter Tim Sharkey of Sharkey Images captured both events.

How does a mistake like that slip through? It doesn’t matter. Too often in this world, especially in media these days, people duck ownership of their mistakes. There are no excuses. We made an error we should have caught in the proof-reading process—but didn’t.

For Sharkey, a friend and colleague since our long-gone Powerboat magazine days, this one is a particular bummer for two reasons. First, Year In Review is a printed product—there’s no going back and correcting the error, as we can in our online work. Second, this isn’t the first Sharkey has had his credit messed up in a print magazine.

All apologies, Tim Sharkey. We should have done better.

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