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What To See At The Desert Storm Street Party

Starting at noon today, McCulloch Boulevard in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., becomes what could be the world’s longest motorsports toy store. Of course, seeing as this annual outdoor showcase is an integral part of the Desert Storm Poker Run week, its primary focus is on exotic go-fast catamarans, V-bottom sportboats and performance center console. But there also are plenty of wild trucks and monster haulers, sand rail rockets, psycho motorcycles, exotic automobiles and more.


There are things you don’t want to miss in Lake Havasu City today. Photo courtesy/copyright Jeff Helmkamp/J Helmkamp Photograpy.

For even the most casual gear-head, the exhibit is a mile-plus-long slice of heaven. And visitors have more than enough time see it all, as the Desert Storm street party doesn’t shut down until 9 p.m. Still, there are several things you don’t want to miss. Here’s a quick list.

DCB Performance Boats Exhibit
In the past three days, DCB Performance Boats of El Cajon, Calif., has delivered one new M33R catamaran, two M31s and one M44 to their delighted owners. They’re all spectacular, though just two will be on display today. (Go figure—their new owners are out boating.) But the famed, Mark Morris/Visual Imaginations-painted Lickity Split M35 and M44 All Spooled Up cats will be there. Company owners Tony Chiaramonte, Jeff Johnston and Paul Miller will be on hand as well, and they are three of the most friendly and laidback—a small miracle given this week’s boat delivery schedule—guys you’ll ever meet.

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