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Welcome West Michigan Offshore

Chris Dekker of Grand Rapids, Mich., bought his first go-fast boat a few years ago but it didn’t take him long to become immersed in the celebrated powerboating culture of Western Michigan. Now Dekker, who owns a 1999 33-foot Scarab with twin 600-hp WESCO Racing engines, is part of a new group dedicated to bringing area boaters together via their common interest.

westmichoff scarab sotw

One of the founding members of the new West Michigan Offshore club, Chris Dekker ran his 33-foot Scarab in the 2014 Boyne Thunder Poker Run. Photo courtesy Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

With an official launch date of today, this first day of April, Dekker and four other volunteer board members—Jeff Tibbe, Derek Powers, Curt Watkins and Roger Zuidema—are excited to announce the incorporation of West Michigan Offshore, a nonprofit organization seeking to unite West Michigan’s countless go-fast boat enthusiasts both on and off the water.

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