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Weekend Wrap-Up: Big Speed, Big Water And Big Love


From the Lake Erie Poker Run to the Texas Outlaw Challenge, last weekend’s organized events delivered everything there is to love about high-performance powerboating. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Where the hell did June go? The first day in July is this coming Saturday. That’s kind of hard to believe given all that happened in the go-fast boating world last weekend in various parts of the country. I’m just four days into a 17-day road trip that started with last weekend’s Erie Poker Run in Pennsylvania and will finish with the Boyne Thunder Poker Run in Michigan. Between those two events, I have customers to visit, more boating to do with friends and Chicago-based family to bother—you know the drill.

It’s a blur, for sure, but a pleasant one.

Whether you love or hate the bounty of go-fast boating events each summer weekend—and there are folks in both camps—you have to at least appreciate the diversity of experiences they provide. There’s something for everyone every weekend, particularly if you’re willing to haul your boat around the country.

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