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Water Street Confidential Returns With Key Mercury Racing Insiders

No matter how accomplished you are in whatever you do for a living, a mentor—someone who knows your job better than you do and is willing to guide you—is a precious commodity. In the best case, your mentor becomes your professional muse and maybe even one of your best friends.

At the very least, you have someone wiser to turn to when you’re stumped. And we all get stumped from time to time.

More than colleagues at Mercury Racing, engine technicians Matt Blechl (left) and Merwin Kimble are close friends.

Just ask Matt Blechl, an engine technician at Mercury Racing in Fond du Lac, Wis. Blechl joined the company four years ago. He grew up in the area and, in addition to his day job with the high-performance marine propulsion and accessories company, he raises beef cattle.

So, too, does Merwin Kimble, another Mercury Racing engine technician who grew up locally. The main difference between the two is Kimble has been with Mercury Racing for more than 40 years.

Blechl and Kimble connected on several levels including their shared love for local high school football. But it is their experiences as small-operation Wisconsin cattle farmers, as they call themselves, that bonded them immediately. Both grew up in the business and both have stayed with it.

From the equipment they have to use and maintain for the cattle they raise, farming takes tenacity, attention to detail and plain-old hard work. Blechl and Kimble carry those values and lessons into the work they do at Mercury Racing, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. They epitomize the brand itself.

Just watch and find out.

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