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Washington’s Class Act


By the time you read this, you will have probably learned that the Outerlimits crew broke the 172.876-mph American Power Boat Association “Special Event” kilometer speed record on Monday in Washington, N.C., by offshore racer Brian Forehand in one its canopied 43-footers. You’ll likely know that Forehand and Joe Sgro topped that speed with a top end of 180.470 mph yesterday.

You’d think Reggie Fountain might be bent out of shape about the “world’s fastest V-bottom” bragging rights that—until this week—belonged to him and Ben Robertson for ten years. Fountain, the founder and then-owner of Fountain Powerboats in Washington, and Robertson piloted a 42-foot Fountain V-bottom to a kilo mark of 171.88 in 2004. Despite that he no longer owns the company he started, Fountain was mighty proud of that record—as he should have been.

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