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Vision Marine Returns To Shootout With S2 Power Boats Cat To Break Its Electric Boat Record

Following the company’s electrifying performance at the 2022 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Central Missouri, Vision Marine Technologies Inc., a Montreal-based leader within the performance electric recreational boating industry, has prepared a completely new boat for this year’s top-speed competition, which takes place Saturday and Sunday, August 26-27. Thanks to the relationship built en route to last year’s earth-shattering 109-mph top speed along the three-quarter-mile course, Vision Marine and the driver of the twin-engine 32-foot Hellkats Powerboats-constructed catamaran—Shaun Torrente—started talking about going even faster immediately after last year’s event, and those discussions led to the boat that was sitting on display during Wednesday night’s Shootout On The Strip presented by Waves and Wheels, the first S2 Power Boats catamaran.

Powered by electric outboard engines from Vision Marine Technologies Inc., the first 32-foot catamaran from S2 Power Boats is expecting to break the electric speed record during this weekend’s Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Central Missouri. Photos courtesy Vision Marine, Shaun Torrente, Sean Conner, Jon Smiley and Pete Boden

S2 Power Boats, a new company started by Torrente and his Super Stock-class teammate, Sean Conner, offered up its very first 32-foot canopied catamaran to Vision Marine with a goal to further elevate its electric propulsion record at the 35th annual top-speed event. Hull No. 2 from the S2 Power Boats, which was grateful to Vision Marine as well as its other partners, Charleston Composites, Mannerfelt Design, Raymarine and Weisman Transmissions, for the opportunity to make history again, is going to be Conner and Torrente’s new raceboat. They expect to debut the boat in Key West, Fla., in November.

According to a press release from Vision Marine, a publicly listed enterprise, the company is dedicated to transforming the recreational boating landscape by showcasing its E-Motion Technology prowess and pushing its electrical architecture to its limits. By merging Torrente’s unparalleled racing acumen with the groundbreaking electrical system designed by Xavier Montagne, CTO Vision Marine, under the leadership of Vision Marine CEO Alex Mongeon, Vision is aiming to leave an indelible mark on the electric boating world this weekend.

“We are committed to pushing boundaries that will redefine the essence of speed and performance on water, raising the global standard for competitors,” Mongeon said. “The 35th edition of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, set against the captivating backdrop of Lake of the Ozarks, serves as the arena for this audacious endeavor. The expansive lake and its breathtaking vistas provide the perfect stage for Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente to rewrite speed and performance records.”

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Check out the slideshow above for more images of the new 32-footer, including some of it at the Shootout On the Strip sitting on its trailer from CTS Custom Trailers.

Torrente and Conner were thrilled to play a large part in such a unique project and are expecting big things from its first full-carbon 32-footer, which will be driven solely by Torrente, who also ran last year’s boat alone.

“This whole electric boat program is so cool—I’m stoked to be involved again this year, and play a more significant role in the effort this time around,” Torrente said. “Sean and I had been discussing building our own raceboat before last year’s Shootout and when the opportunity came up the day after we set the record to talk with Alex (Mongeon) about our project, he was all ears. In fact, he agreed to move forward with us later that night so technically we got started on this boat a year ago.

“A ton of work over the last 12 months went into designing and building our S2 966 SS, which features full-carbon construction along with the latest in safety advancements,” he continued. “We have a platform for the future, and we’re looking forward to breaking our record for electric propulsion this week and setting a new standard for Super Stock offshore racing. This is just the beginning.”

With assistance from the technicians at Vision Marine, Torrente’s team at Shaun Torrente Racing in Southwest Florida handled the rigging and set up of the boat, and guided last week’s testing sessions, which Torrente said went well.

Conner, who can’t wait to get his hands on his team’s new raceboat, was excited to have the first S2 Power Boats catamaran front and center at the largest performance boating event in the country.

“It’s been incredible working with the Vision team—they’ve gone all-in to prove their product with the best possible partners, which is why they chose to work with Shaun and me on our new venture, S2 Power Boats,” Conner said. “It’s exciting to be a part of something like this. I’ve been around some pretty innovative things in the yacht industry, and Vision is taking marine technology to another level.”

Shaun Torrente (left in his S2 Power Boats cat) and Alex Mongeon (right, standing, in last year’s record-breaking Hellkats cat) have executed on a vision to introduce electric engine technology to the performance boat industry.

In the Vision Marine release, the company stated that this collaborative vision transcends a mere pursuit of records; it signifies a paradigm shift in boat racing.

“By harnessing the limitless potential of electric power and a meticulously designed electrical architecture, this partnership aims to redefine high-speed watercraft and recreational boating, forging a path toward sustainable racing while pushing the boundaries of conventional competition,” the release explained. “Anticipation soars as global enthusiasts await the monumental spectacle that will unfold on the serene waters of Lake of the Ozarks. Esteemed media representatives, industry luminaries, passionate spectators and even ESPN are poised to witness the convergence of human prowess and state-of-the-art technology, as Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente embark on their journey to surpassing greatness.”

Attendees of the Shootout also will have the opportunity to witness the E-Motion production-ready boats, including the impressive Four Winns H2e E-Motion 180 E-equipped model, at the docks of Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill, host venue for the event in Sunrise Beach, Mo.

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