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Video Safety Meeting In Store For Key West Poker Run Captains

In resolving one issue for next week’s 30th annual Key West Poker Run, Florida Powerboat Club president Stu Jones inadvertently created another. How do you, as the head of club, personally hold pre-run safety meetings with multiple points of departure for what now is up to a 275-boat fleet? How can you be in four places at one time?

Captains registered for next week’s Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run will be required to attend a virtual safety meeting before they depart. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

The answer, of course, is to handle it online. Key West Poker Run captains will be required to view a pre-produced video posted to a private, password-protected YouTube channel. Captains will receive the link to the video and the password in advance of the event.

“The captains safety video will be circulated a few days before the event, which will allow all captains to watch and review the important safety guidelines for the run,” Jones explained. “Having so many different launching locations spread out in the area would make it difficult for me to conduct multiple captains meetings in person.”

During the Florida Powerboat Club’s in-person safety meetings, captains are required to respond via roll call before each session begins. That won’t be possible, of course, with the video presentation so Jones has come up with other solutions to ensure compliance.

“The captains have to return a form that is similar to an affidavit stating that they did watch it,” he said. “There also may be a way to have them check in with the video comments—I’m working on that.

“The video will be posted to YouTube several days prior to departure,” Jones said. “And all captains will receive a link and the password via email.”

Registration for the 2022 Key West Poker Run currently stands at 275 boats.

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