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Victory Pleasure Catamaran Update: Sport Cats And More In Progress

To date, the Victory Team has sold three of its 34-footers powered by twin Mercury Racing 400R outboard engines to buyers in the United States—and delivered two of them. The first went to a buyer in California and the second was delivered to its home-base to the north in Washington. Currently being sea-trialed at Victory team headquarters in Dubai, the third 34-footer will go to a Lake Havasu City, Ariz.-based buyer. As for hull No. 4, which currently is being painted and was sold to a buyer in Texas by FB Marine Group in Pompano Beach, Fla., it will be the builder’s first sport cat to be powered by Mercury Racing 450R outboards.

victory34deliverd 01

The Victory Team has delivered two 34-foot sport catamaran to the U.S. market this year (click image to enlarge).

While four 34-footers and one 27-footer sold in the U.S. is an excellent start, Victory is a long way from flooding the sport cat market. But for an overseas builder new to one of the most competitive segments of the domestic go-fast powerboat world, those builds and sales demonstrate solid progress and consumer interest in the sixth months since Victory revealed its intentions—with a 32-footer—at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show.

“I would say that we are quietly moving forward, improving the boats and bringing our technology stateside successfully as we’ve been noticing other manufacturers making improvements on their designs using ours,” said Ricky Maldonado, a Victory Team representative.

victory34green 01

Currently in paint, this Victory 34 sport catamaran will be the builder’s first model to be equipped with Mercury Racing 450R engines (click image to enlarge).

But the Victory group isn’t limiting itself to the sport catamaran segment. The outfit currently is developing a 44-footer, as well as an outboard-powered center console that will be based on its 34-foot catamaran hull.

“The 44 is a new-generation hull with the latest improvements on the Class One catamaran race hulls with a deck that shares the design of the pleasure boats,” Maldonado said. “The first boat is being built for Dubai’s ruling family and will be powered by Lamborghini Class One engines detuned for pleasure use and be equipped with shaft-rudder configuration. The boats will be available to the public in that same configuration, as well as Mercury Racing power from 1100s to 1650s. And there may even be a multi-outboard version.

victory44 01

Victory has a 44-foot pleasure catamaran (above) and a 34-foot center console in development (click image to enlarge).

“The first center consoles are more than likely staying in Dubai as the Dubai Police wants a few on its fleet,” he continued. “That model is designed to be an honest 100-mph fishing boat.”

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