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Velocity VR1 Tops 115 MPH On Twin 450R Outboard Engine Power

Long ago, the 29-foot Velocity Powerboats VR1 earned a reputation as a fast V-bottom on sterndrive-engine power. But with the seismic shift toward outboard engines in the high-performance world in more-recent years, Scott McCormick, the owner of the Sanford, Fla., company knew he had to adapt the once-popular VR1 for outboard applications to please a new generation of would-be owners.

The first new-generation Velocity VR1 sportboat, this Carbon Edition 28-footer is headed for a home in Southwest Florida. Photos courtesy/copyright Velocity Powerboats.

To that end, the boat has been redesigned for 2022. With twin Mercury Racing 450R outboards mounted on Porta Products transom brackets, the first VR1—a Carbon Edition—reportedly topped out at 115.7 mph in a recent test session.

“The VR1 is the Ferrari on the water—it is just one sick boat,” McCormick said. “The acceleration and the top-end performance make you feel like you’re in a golf cart with nitrous oxide.”

Company vice president Walt Braithwaite described the boat as “on rails.”

“Its turning and handling are incredible,” he said.

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Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the new Velocity VR1.

Headed to buyers in Southwest Florida, the new 28-footer was painted by Doug Harrell Designs and includes an Alcantara interior, as well as Livorsi Marine instruments and controls at the helm station. According to McCormick, the new owners definitely will appreciate the model’s newfound interior space.

“The conversion to outboards added 20 inches to the cockpit so now you can get six people in the boat comfortably,” he added. “It is probably one of the baddest midsize boats on the market.”

The VR1’s attractive helm station lacks for nothing.

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