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U-11 Peters & May Reveals Rock Star Ambassador


A day after announcing it would be campaigning the rebuilt Miss Budweiser T4 hull at this weekend’s H1 Unlimited race on California’s Folsom Lake near Sacramento, the U-11 Peters & May team released some more news.

The team, which is owned by Unlimited Racing Group, has a new ambassador for the 2013 season—Seattle musician Duff McKagan. Best known for playing in the bands Guns ’n’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and Loaded, McKagan was a VIP guest for last year’s Seattle Seafair race where he met Dave Holley, CEO of Peters & May.

Rock star Duff McKagan is the new ambassador for the U-11 Peters & May team for the 2013 H1 Unlimited season.Rock star Duff McKagan is the new ambassador for the U-11 Peters & May team for the 2013 H1 Unlimited season.The two remained in contact after the event and eventually discussed ways McKagan, who has always been a fan of the hydroplane racing, could become involved with the team. Throughout the season, the U-11 will carry a decal for McKagan’s new band, Walking Papers, and the band will make a VIP appearance in the pits at the 2013 Seafair race (Aug. 2-4) prior to launching its new album.

“It was great to be able to spend some time with Duff at last year’s event,” Holley said. “I could tell straight away that he was a fan of the sport. Meeting a rock star, and particularly one that you have grown up listening to, is awe-inspiring and quite nerve racking, but Duff made everyone feel at ease. He is as down to earth as you can get and we are looking forward to promoting his new adventure and having him as the ambassador for our team.”

McKagan called it an honor to be involved with the team this year.

“The U-11 Peters and May team has fully and rightfully embraced Seattle rock music, and have invited the Walking Papers aboard for what promises to be a fun-filled season,” McKagan said. “I grew up with posters of hydroplane boats next to Aerosmith and KISS on my bedroom wall. This partnership makes perfect sense to me. This will indeed kick some ass!”

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