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Triple-Crown Effort from MTI and Mercury

In the Super Boat International offshore racing world, the term triple crown—a rare feat notable in both horse racing and baseball—was always used in reference to a team winning the Florida, National and World championships in the season.

mti keywest sotw

Bob Bull and Randy Scism capped off a remarkable season by winning the Superboat Unlimited class world championship in Bull’s 52-foot MTI CMS 3 on Sunday. Photo by Jason Johnson/Speedonthewater.com

Well not this year. Marine Technology Inc., in Wentzville, Mo.—with major assistance from Mercury Racing in Fond du Lac, Wis.—took the terminology to a new level in the sport as an MTI catamaran secured the SBI National Championship, followed by the Union Internationale Motonautique Class 1 World Championship and another World Championship at the 35th annual SBI event in Key West, Fla., this past weekend.

Thanks to an extraordinary amount of effort, MTI can lay claim to something the company, or any company for that matter, hasn’t ever accomplished in the sport of offshore racing. And while there’s nothing official linking the Class 1 and SBI world championships together, for MTI owner Randy Scism and the rest of the MTI crew it is the sports’ triple crown in their eyes. It was in fact Scism’s wife, Cherell, who has been supportive every step of the way from when he was a racer and team manager for the Victory Team in Dubai to his return to their roots in Missouri to start a performance boat company, who proclaimed “MTI wins the triple crown” to me before I even got a chance to ask her husband my first question from inside the air-conditioned RV in the race pits on Sunday.

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