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Torrente Prepping STR Electric-Actuated Dynamic Plate With Interactive Dynamic Control Pre-Orders

When Shaun Torrente announced his new STR Dynamic electric-actuated jackplate, he had a feeling it would be embraced since he understood the demand as well as the technological advantages of the new system. Whether he knew how well received it would be is a different story.

After announcing his new electric-actuated STR X-Act Dynamic Jackplates and touchscreen Interactive Dynamic Control last month, Shaun Torrente is preparing to get the products out there on a variety of center consoles and sport catamarans.

The owner of STR Components and the two-time defending F1 H2O world champion driver, Torrente has been beyond pleased with the response and is excited to start getting the new electric-actuated STR X-Act Dynamic Jackplates and the accompanying 4.3-inch touchscreen STR X-Act Interactive Dynamic Control out there very soon. In fact, in the next couple of weeks, he’ll be installing a set on a twin-engine Midnight Express Boats 34-foot center console and a customer’s Italian-built 47-foot rigid inflatable boat powered by triple Mercury Racing 400R engines.

“We’re excited to start installing and shipping the active plate we’ve spent two years developing,” Torrente said. “We set out to create an active plate that holds our core values of strength and precision. Our plates are completely billet—made from certified aerospace T6061—like the rest of our entire line and, when they’re paired with our new capacitive touchscreen STR X-Act IDC, they give our end-users never-before-seen control in the jackplate space. Engineered in-house with our own intellectual property, the actuator and IDC, which controls up to four engines per device and the active position of all dynamic plates installed, maintain our other core belief—precision.”

Torrente added that his goal was to pull weight out of the plates, which are available in setbacks of 4.5, 6.5, 8.5 and 11 inches weighing between 39 to 65 pounds, while still being the industry standard in strength and durability. His other goal was to make the system as “plug and play” as possible. He said installation is very easy as it has two wires, power and ground.

“The dynamic system has four inches (100mm) of travel,” he said. “The boater has four preset positions and dynamic will return to those user-definable presets within +/- .02” (+/-.5mm) every time. For those guys and girls who say ‘I can’t hit that touchscreeen while keeping my rig on the pad at 100 mph.’ No worries, it comes with a plug-in interface so you can use any existing mechanical switch for up/down operation. It’ll work with the IDC so you can still decide how much to move the plate with every bump.”

Torrente has a three-minute video on his YouTube channel that explain the product features even more.

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