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Swedish Race/Pleasure Catamaran Taking Form

Spearheaded by Swedish X Cat World Series team Swecat Racing, hull and deck plugs for the 31-foot Hypercat are finished. Sweden-based Macomould produced the plugs. Also based in Sweden, RB Marin & Composite will build the molds, according to a press release from Swecat Racing, for the carbon-fiber 31-footer. The boat was designed by the famed Mannerfelt Design Team in collaboration with Swecat Racing.

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Deck and hul plugs for the Hypercat catamaran are complete.

The cat will be available in a canopied race version with two suspension seats and an open-cockpit pleasure version with four suspension seats.

”We have handpicked a production team consisting of the foremost experts within composite manufacturing that Sweden has to offer for this state-of-the-art project that is truly ‘made in Sweden,’” said Niklas Sjöö, the chief executive officer of Swecat Racing, in the release. “We have set the bar very high in this project, just like the Hypercars of the car industry.

“We are happy to see that more and more Swedish industrial partners are supporting our efforts with both expertise and top-of-the-line products in several areas,” he continued. “At the same time, would like to thank all our longterm supporters, partners and suppliers for their unrestricted support.”

For a closer look at the Hypercat tooling as well as CAD renderings of race and pleasure versions of the 31-foot catamaran, check out the slideshow above.

According to the release, the first Hypercat pleasure catamaran will be delivered in approximately three months. Rigging and testing will be handled by Swecat Racing’s experienced mechanics and drivers.

“We still have room to accommodate one additional order during April, to be able to deliver a Hypercat Pleasure during the summer of 2017,” aid Sjöö in the release. “Later orders will be ready for delivery beginning of January 2018.”

The Swecat Racing team’s own X Cat World Series catamaran will be the first racing version. It will be built after the first pleasure catamaran is completed.

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