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Together Again: Borisch And Mills Team Up On 28 Skater Update

As projects go between well-known Michigan-based performance-boat enthusiast Tom Borisch and fellow Michigander Chris Mills of Boat Customs, their most recent—fresh paint on a 28-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran built in 1999—is simple. Borisch, who purchased the cat last August, has tasked Mills with several high-profile restorations and conversions including reinventing the 50-foot, turbine-powered JBS Racing Mystic catamaran as Low Altitude with its current fiery color scheme, the vaunted 46-foot Freedom Skater now owned by Northern California’s Daly Rayzor and the 50-foot Nor-Tech Predator V-bottom originally owned by Canadian Bob Barnhart.

It’s a personal and professional relationship, which formerly included a business partnership, that goes back more than 10 years. And though they are no longer in business together as they once were, they remain good friends.

Though repainting this Skater 28 catamaran was simple for Boat Customs, the results are spectacular.

“I first met Tom painting RC boats—I painted roughly 30 of those for him,” said Mills. “That was the start of our friendship and eventual partnership. Our next project was the Tainted Lady Cigarette-Skater.

“Tom invested in Boat Customs and helped it become what it is now,” he added.

Mills began painting the 28-footer in September. Craig Ellis of Appearance Products in Grand Rapids, Mich., created a new interior for the boat, which is powered by Mercury Racing 300XS outboard engines.

“Tom’s been out of performance boating for a bit so it’s good to see him back in it,” said Mills. “The boat came here in really good shape—all we had to do was sand and paint. I sent him two renditions of the graphics and we went from there. It was by far the simplest project we’ve ever done together.”

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