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Third Adrenaline 47 Reaper Headed To Paint And Still Available For The Taking

Since debuting in a big way at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in South Florida a month ago, the first luxury performance center console from Adrenaline Powerboats in Lincolnton, Ga.—the radical 47 Reaper—has garnered tons of social media attention, not to mention some serious buyer interest.

The new 47 Reaper from Adrenaline Powerboats is a total showstopper. Photos courtesy Adrenaline Powerboats

According to Adrenaline owner Mike Layton, the company has four more five-engine 47-footers in production. And, as of this week, hull No. 3 is currently available—although it is scheduled to leave for Doug Harrell Designs next week for paint. But if a customer acts fast, Layton informed speedonthewater.com, said owner might have time to choose the boat’s custom graphics.

Layton added that the second and fifth 47 Reapers are sold boats and that hull No. 4 is going to be a company demo, meaning it likely could go to a customer if that person is OK with Adrenaline using it for rides and promotion at various events throughout the year.

Adrenaline’s third 47-foot performance center console is just about ready for paint.

The second five-engine, 47-foot-long, 12-foot-wide beauty, which is black and blue and shown in the slideshow below, is expected to hit the water in early summer with hulls three and four to follow during the coming months. Layton is excited to get more 47 Reapers on the water and in production.

“I don’t really know what to say except that we are super proud of this boat,” Layton explained. “It is, in a lot of ways, more than I expected it to be. It’s classy, stylish and muscular all at the same time. It was a two-and-a-half-year project, but we put a lot of systems in place while we were developing the first one so that we could build the pipeline for production, which is why we expect to get hulls two through four delivered this year.”

After testing the first 47-footer during the past few weeks, Layton said he’s been impressed with the boat, which is powered by five Mercury Racing 450R engines. (The boat is available with four outboard engines.)

“So far the performance has been great, and I have some pretty high standards,” Layton said with a laugh. “The boat accelerates like crazy and it tracks perfectly. I want to say that it feels light, but it’s 20,000 pounds so I guess the best description is that its nimble for its size. It is very predictable and it takes on rough water with ease. We’ve run it up to the mid-80-mph range with plenty of rpm left so we have more testing to do.

“The thing is rock-solid,” he added, explaining that the boat is 100 percent composite construction with vacuum-infused epoxy throughout the build. “The hardtop is all carbon and it didn’t move or rattle in the 4- to 6-footers we encountered testing at the Jupiter Inlet. The boat is probably overbuilt, but I can live with that. It’s all epoxy-infused. The structural grid is infused; heck even the seats are infused.”

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Check out the slideshow above for more images of the first and second 47 Reapers from Adrenaline.

Along with all of the proprietary hardware, hinges and such designed by Layton and company, Layton pointed out that he already has trailers for the first five 47 Reapers in production. While he’s likely to be up to his neck in CAD design and production schedules, Layton said that he’s available to answer any questions at 706-359-6899.

“We’re looking forward to being on scene with the boat so people can see it in person,” he continued. “The more feedback we can get, the better.”

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