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The Tuff 24 and Mercury Racing 300R: Prepare for Takeoff

The demands performance boat enthusiasts put on single-engine V-hulls are really high. Once upon a time there was a class of boat referred to as SOB (single outboard boat) and these boats were 21 to 24 feet long. Currently, a similar class is OPA Class 7 but stipulates boats that are 20t to 22 feet with a speed cap. With the current crop of outboards in the 300-hp range being so popular and the fact that a 24-foot hull is probably the best size for the big outboards it’s no surprise that there is a growing interest in 24-foot boats again. A 24-footer can be as fast as a 21-footer, handle better and be better in rough water, making the larger size more well-rounded. Right now, the newest and greatest 24’ on the market is the Tuff 24. Let’s take a look at their latest creation and how it pairs with the Mercury Racing 300R.

The Tuff 24 is yet another hot single-engine sportboat from the vaunted Canadian builder. Photo courtesy/copyright Wave To Wave Performance Boat Magazine.

Whenever I’ve talked to Mark and Thomas Weigl about their boats, they seem to get especially excited about the 24. That’s not to take anything away from the other models, in fact the 28 is also incredibly exciting, and shares some qualities with its little brother the Tuff 24. I think Mark and Thomas both really appreciate the 24 because it is now the gold standard for single engine V hulls. You could say the sharp and narrow Tuff 24 is an evolution of the design thesis for the company. Tuff has always been about using cutting edge materials, aesthetics and top speed performance. I would say their success lies in being laser focused on those qualities and nothing else.

Tuff is a low volume custom builder and the reason why you don’t see many outside of their home territory of Ontario, Canada is because the local demand is so high, the need to export them isn’t necessary. Of course anyone can order one but you’ll have to wait in line. 

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Editor’s Note: A member of the 2018 test team for the Speed On The Water digital magazineMercury Racing 400R Sport Catamaran Roundup, Jared Powell is the editor and publisher of Wave To Wave Performance Boat Magazine. In 2019, he covered the Texas Outlaw Challenge for speedonthewater.com.