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Strolling down Collins Avenue with my head down two days ago, I almost walked smack into Alan Jones, a longtime friend and professional colleague. For those of you don’t know Jones, he’s Boating World magazine’s good—and I mean really good—fishing writer. For those of you who don’t Collins Avenue, it’s the primary artery through South Beach, home of the Miami International Boat Show, which starts Thursday.

Almost literally running into Jones reminded what I love about this event, and why I look forward to coming back every year. In terms of hardware, the Miami show rarely surprises me. Thanks to great connections, decent reporting skills and a slew of incredibly strict non-disclosure agreements I know most of what’s coming each year in the high-performance market. Regardless, I never tire of seeing it in person for the first time.

I also know who’s coming. For the high-performance marine industry, the Miami Boat Show is an event like no other.

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Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.