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The New Paradigm of Pre-Owned Boats


Check the classified advertising section of any major marine website. You will find hundreds, maybe even thousands, of used-boats for sale.

Now, narrow your search to twin-engine V-bottoms. Still plenty to choose from, right? And at amazingly low prices, right?

Narrow your search a bit more. Search for twin-engine V-bottoms for model years 2009 through 2011. Quite a difference, yes? The list just got a whole lot shorter. And of those boats, how many are in great shape? Of course, you’d have to see them firsthand to really know that, but trust me when I tell you as a dealer that has sold more than 135 boats this year—most of them used—that “clean” pre-owned, later model boats are rare and hard to find. We hear often, I’m going to wait for a late model boat, but that’s a tough task as most manufacturers did not build many. (Above photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images.)

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