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The More Perfect Formula?

In September, when I wrote about the new Formula Boats 380 Super Sport Crossover, a 38-foot-long, 11-foot-6-inch-wide beauty of a sterndrive-powered sportboat that TNT Custom Marine’s John Tomlinson test drove over the summer in Miami, the newly introduced offering that sits in the middle of the Decatur, Ind., company’s Crossover lineup between the 330/350 Crossover Bowriders and the established 400/430 Super Sport Crossover and All Sport Crossover models piqued some interest.


Formula Boats’ 380 Super Sport Crossover is going to be available with outboard engines this Spring. Photos courtesy Formula Boats

Much of the interest came from boaters wondering what kind of boat could possibly replace the company’s 382 FAS3Tech stepped-hull V-bottom that Formula shelved earlier this year. The verdict is still out. Other attention came by way of those wondering where the outboard version was since Formula offers its smaller and larger models with the alternative power packages. I even read a couple of comments from people who remarked that if outboards were available they’d buy one. Guess it’s time to put their money where their mouth is.

In all seriousness, it is great that Formula has designed its boats so there will be a variety to suit every taste and budget. The family owned company definitely understands that there are dealers and customers in the inland market where sterndrive power is still quite popular. It also recognizes, however, that outboard power is the hot ticket in many other areas, particularly in the coastal markets, which is why the new 380 SSC is going to be available with outboard engines in the Spring.

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