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The GTMM 39: Ready for Its Close-Up

An artist's rendering of the GTMM 39'.An artist’s rendering of the GTMM 39′.

When the 2012 Miami International Boat Show opens on Feb. 16, no one will be more relieved than Giovanni Theodoli. And that’s a bit odd, because this is not his first time at the rodeo.  He is the son of Katrin Theodoli, owner of the famed Magnum Marine in Miami. Giovanni started working for his parents soldering wire harnesses at age 10, and has been at more than his share of new-model introductions.

But this one—the debut of the first GTMM 39-foot V-bottom performance boat—is all his, though really not “all” his as he has a partner in the venture, Scott Smith, who cut his teeth at Cigarette Racing Team.

“I have two emotions around this project,” said Theodoli, “abject terror and fear and total jubilation. I float between the two.”

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