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The Entry Level Challenge


Last week, I reported that Peter Hledin of Douglas Marine/Skater planned to release an entry-level 24- to 25-foot, 100-mph high-performance catamaran priced at $100,000 next year. Most of the response to the story was of the “Great news, can’t wait to see it” kind, but two readers objected to my use of “entry-level” in reference to a product with that sort of price tag.

Trust me, I understood where they were coming from. In my world, $100,000 is a lot of money, especially for something that feeds a hobby. But I also have a decent understanding of new go-fast powerboat pricing. And for a custom-built, single-engine catamaran—much less a coveted Skater product—capable of reaching 100 mph that price is indeed entry level.

Of course, everything is relative. If you think this hobby is expensive, try aviation. Or breeding quarter horses.

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