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Friday is a “lay-day” during the Qatar Cup in the country’s capital city of Doha, meaning by the time you read this column it will be Saturday here and the teams will be gearing up for the final two races of the inaugural event. “Lay-day” means—as you might have guessed—a non-racing day on which the offshore racing teams are supposed to relax and take in the sights. Except most offshore racers just aren’t wired that way.

Still, I have to give credit to the organizers for even putting it on the schedule. Interested racers can go on a “safari” today, which means heading to Sea Line Beach Resort for some “dune bashing” followed by a trip to an inland sea near the border of Saudi Arabia and enjoying a barbecue lunch in a desert encampment. Camel riding and falconry are supposedly part of the program as well.

If I had to guess, I’d say about half of the racers here will join the safari. The rest, such as The Hulk team’s owner and driver Rob Nunziato and throttleman Dan Lawrence are headed for the pits for tweaking and testing.

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