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That’s A Wrap For Now—Stephen Miles’ Own Ride Gets Dressed

Flush with business, the last thing Stephen Miles of Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky., needed was another boat to paint—especially one of his own. The guy already works six days a week, sometimes seven, painting products from Deep Impact, Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats, Outerlimits and more. He’s even currently painting a new G23 Super Air Nautique watersports tow-boat for a longtime friend and a client.

outermilewrap 05A

On Wednesday, Stephen Miles is heading for the Florida Keys in his freshly wrapped 37-foot Outerlimits center console (click to enlarge).

But life, to borrow from John Lennon, is what happens when you’re busy making plans. In September, Miles acquired an Outerlimits of his own, a 37-foot outboard engine-powered center console that was unveiled in 2012. Far too plain—at least as the aquatic calling-card for one the world’s finest powerboat painters—the boat’s graphics were in desperate need of a makeover. Yet Miles had zero time to devote to an intricate air-brush job on a boat of his own. (And if word of such a thing got out, he’d have a rabid mob of boat builders holding torches and pitch forks in front of his shop, and that’s generally bad for business.)

So he went with a vinyl graphics wrap for the 37-footer, which will soon also see its 300-hp Mercury Marine Marine Verado outboard engines replaced with pair of supercharged four-stroke Mercury Racing 400R models. And the wrap rocks.

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the 37-footer.

“My dear longtime friend Dave McGary with DMC Graphics here in Owensboro produced and applied the wrap,” said Miles. “He’s the same guy who applied the wrap I designed for Burton Kirsten’s Freightliner that tows Jet, his 46-foot Outerlimits cat I painted.”

Visitors to Key West, Fla., next week will be able to catch Miles’ 37-footer on the water, as he’ll have it there for the Race World Offshore Key West Championships and the Florida Powerboat Club’s Key West Poker Run.

The graphics wrap, of course, is temporary. Said Miles, “She’ll be getting a full custom paint job over the winter.”

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