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Television Coverage Secured For OPA Bimini Race

Slated for April 28-29, the Offshore Powerboat Association’s Bimini, Bahamas, race will have television coverage according to event producer Roger Berkon. World Resorts, the parent company of the host venue Resorts World Bimini, will foot the bill for the one-hour NBC Sports Network TV program and Mike McKown of Focused TV Productions is handling production of the show, according to Berkon.


OPA racing action from Bimini will be captured for a program to air on an NBC Sports Network television program. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“Resorts World is paying for the show in full,” he said. “Our agreement with NBC Sports Network calls for the show to run in prime time on the East Coast, in the Midwest and on the West Coast.”

After the footage from the event is gathered, Focused TV will edit it and create the program. Berkon said that although the show possibly could be completed in time for a June airing, it will “more realistically” air in July.

“It will happen no later than July,” he said. “But the exact first-time airing dates, much less the re-runs, have yet to be determined.”

At present, the fleet count for the event reportedly stands between 20 and 30 boats.

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