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TecnoRib Releasing Pirelli 35 RIB

Designed in collaboration with the Swedish Mannerfelt Design Team, the TecnoRib Pirelli 35 is the latest addition to the Italian company’s line of rigid inflatable boats. The new 35-footer, which was inspired by its larger Pirelli 42 sibling, reportedly had its first sea trial in late November. It was introduced to the public in scale-model form at the 2020 Genoa Boat Show in October.

The new Pirelli 35 is being offered in various power configurations from 600 to 700 hp.

The news was announced today in a press release from the builder.

“Born out of the success of the Pirelli 42, the new model has more compact dimensions but features the same characteristics, namely, those of a sporty walk-around with rugged, streamlined lines, and the same totally modern and immediately captivating look,” the release stated.

The Pirelli 35 is offered with gasoline-powered stern-drive and outboard engine packages, as well as an inboard diesel engine options. According to the manufacturer, the boat is designed for a minimum of 600 hp and maximum of 700 hp. Hull No. sea-trialed with a pair of 300-hp stern-drive engines.

“With its modern, sleek profile, it’s geared towards clientele seeking a perfect pairing of design and speed,” said Gianni De Bonis, the managing director of TecnoRib, in the release. “The Pirelli 35 is aimed at an increasingly large market of boaters seeking both safety and excitement from a RIB of this size, assets guaranteed by the double-step hull, but who are also looking for superior-quality on-board accessories, stylistic evolution and a modern design.”