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Teague Putting Finishing Touches On New DCB ‘TCM 31’ Cat

With the Big Cat Poker Run in Discovery Bay, Calif., on the horizon this week, there’s a ton of excitement in the Teague Custom Marine camp. Not only is the Valencia, Calif., high-performance marine shop the title sponsor of the annual event on the California Delta that benefits the Discovery Bay Lions Club, the company is going to be showing off its new 31-foot “TCM 31” catamaran from DCB Performance Boats that is powered by a pair of TCM’s latest 1,400-hp supercharged engines connected to Mercury Racing No. 6 drives with lower units blueprinted by Wilson Custom Marine.


Bob Teague plans to show off his new 31-foot DCB catamaran powered by twin 1,400-hp engines at this week’s Big Cat Poker Run in Northern California. Photos courtesy Teague Custom Marine

“We haven’t done any real testing with the boat yet—we just did a quick dip at Castaic Lake on Thursday to make sure everything was working as it should be and that there were no leaks,” said TCM’s Cherilyn Teague Noack, the VP of marketing (amongst other roles) for the company founded by her father, Bob Teague. “I think my dad is super excited about Big Cat—he looks forward to this event every year, plus he has the new boat this time. He was downplaying it a little bit when he came back from the lake, but I know he really likes the boat.

“It really is incredible and it’s so pretty,” she continued, adding that the boat’s name, Stacked Deck One-Six, was her dad’s call sign when he was a leader of the first platoon of the U.S. Army Long Range Patrol “D” Company in Vietnam and Cambodia between 1968 and 1970. “The boat’s beauty is hard to capture in photos. Every color on the boat has flake in it except for the blue pins. DCB did an amazing job with the gelcoat and the upholstery. The interior is sweet; so is the custom trailer. And the stereo is crazy good.”

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the DCB TCM 31.

Noack, who explained that finishing the boat took longer than expected because TCM has been extremely busy working on customer boats all year, can’t wait to see what kind of reaction the DCB—Teague’s third boat from the company—gets during the Big Cat Poker Run.

Along with DCB, of course, TCM relied on many business associates and friends to bring the boat to life. A one-of-a-kind, fully loaded, custom trailer from Adrenaline Trailers in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., carries the 31-footer. The cat’s privately labeled Teague-logo LED-equipped gauges, which are complemented by a Garmin GPS display between the driver and copilot dashes, were supplied by Livorsi Marine while the controls are from Latham Marine. IMCO Marine’s Nevada location supplied the steering, helm and tie bar, while the company’s Southern California location provided the mufflers. For communication, Teague opted for Tiger Performance Products equipment. And for the entertainment, DCB installed new Bluave Marine Audio coaxial speakers and subwoofers to go with a Fusion head unit.

Noack, who said the project showcases the best of the best, also made sure to thank BlacART Creative Group for working with TCM to revamp the existing name and logo to match the colors of the new boat, which features silver pearl, metallic gunmetal fade, candy blue pearl fade to candy violet pearl, and Aventador blue pinstripes.

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