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Teague Custom Marine 1335/1365 Engines Earn CARB Certification

Teague Custom Marine's 1335 and 1365 engines have earned CARB certification.

Skeptics who thought supercharged big-power marine engines would never be able to meet California Air Resources Board certification standards will need to think again, thanks to the 1,335-hp and 1,365-hp electronically fuel-injected blower engines from Teague Custom Marine. According to a press release from the Valencia, Calif., custom engine, rigging and parts shop, Teague Custom Marine is one of just three marine engine builders that are CARB-certified for new engine sales in California.

“With California emissions regulations in full swing and national Environmental Protection Agency regulations on the horizon, it will be a turbulent time for the high-performance marine engine industry,” said Bob Teague, the founder and owner of Teague Custom Marine, in the release. “With the certification of the 1335 and 1365 already completed, we can be sure that Teague Custom Marine will remain a high-profile player in the extreme performance arena in the future.”

Called the Quad Rotor 1365 EFI, the engine makes its power—as well as 1,100 foot-pounds of torque—on 91-octane fuel.  The 1,335-hp version of the engine also runs on 91-octane gasoline, but is equipped with either dual 4.0-litre quad-rotor Whipple blowers or a single 5.0-litre quad-rotor Whipple blower and a single intercooler. The higher-output engine incorporates dual Whipple 4.0-litre quad-rotor superchargers with two dual-core intercoolers.

Standard on all Teague Custom Marine Engines of 1,200 hp and above is the new Velvet Drive 72-LHP hydraulic transmission and exclusive Severe Duty Drive Plate. Using 16 forward clutches, the 72-LHP is rated to a massive 2,500 foot-pounds of torque and reportedly is among the durable and reliable offerings on the market.