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Teague Custom Marine 1000

Teague Custom Marine 1000 Having worked with Bob Teague, the owner and founder of Teague Custom Marine (www.teaguecustommarine) in Valencia, Calif., at Powerboat magazine for 15 years, I make no pretense of objectivity about the man. He’s a good friend who’s save more than a few lives, including my own. (For more on Teague, check out this article on Boats.com) But I can be objective about the engines he builds, and for my money—assuming I had about $50,000 to spend on a marine engine—the supercharged TCM 1000 is the Teague shop’s best offering.

I’ve logged time in dozens of boats with Teague’s 1,000-hp engines, and they’ve never failed to produce ungodly low-, middle- and high-end power, even at the upper end of their 6,000-rpm operating ceiling. What I like even more is that they’ve never failed me, period. The 565-cubic-inch engines are remarkably reliable for such high-output power-plants. Credit low supercharger boost, high-end parts and an experienced—we’re talking 35 years—engine builder who doesn’t cut any corners.