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Swoop Motorsports Tests Hustler 377 Talon Project Boat

The Southern California couple behind Swoop Motorsports spent last weekend testing its recently updated Hustler Powerboats 377 Talon and Travis and Summer Richardson couldn’t be happier with how the project boat turned out.

swoop talon ramp

Travis Richardson and Don London enjoyed testing the restored Hustler 377 Talon last weekend. Photos courtesy Swoop Motorsports

With assistance from Don London—Summer’s high-octane father—the Swoop team stripped the 2003 37-foot catamaran after acquiring it in October and went to work making the boat its own. Travis and London began by pulling out the twin 900-hp Carson Brummett engines and removing the entire interior, hardware and gauges.

“We took out the engines and bumped them up to 1,100-hp demons with a cam change and some tuning on the London Racing Dyno,” Travis said. “The doctor himself, Carson Brummett, spent several hours with us on the phone and he joined us in the dyno room to help dial in the engines so we owe him a huge thank you. Special thanks to Josh Noack and the awesome team at Teague Custom Marine, too, for supplying us with new fuel pumps, custom Livorsi Marine gauges and hardware. I also need to thank Marcos Vargas and Scotty Wagnor for all of their hard work.”

Travis said the project was very special because he was able to work hand and hand with his father in law on the entire build.

“I’ve worked with Don on some small projects here and there with the Dial 911 Skater and a few of the hot rods, but this was a ‘big’ project and it was awesome to spend so much time in the shop with him,” he added.

While working closely with Stephen Miles Design in Kentucky for the boat’s new Swoop-themed wrap design that was handled by One11 Ink in Valencia, Calif., Summer, aka Mrs. Swoop, determined the color scheme of the gauges as well as the interior, which she installed herself.

Check out more images of the completed Swoop Motorsports 377 Talon—and a few before shots—in the slideshow above.

“All three of us were able to test together, which was such a rewarding feeling,” Travis said. “There is something to be said when you do all the work with your own hands and get to appreciate the successful results together as a family.

“The boat ran very strong in testing,” he continued. “We tried out a few different wheels and still have a few more to test, but we got 139 mph out of her with a full belly of fuel so we know she has a lot more. It was a very successful weekend.”

Travis said Swoop Motorsports has been planning its 2018 poker run and shootout schedule with the Dial 911 Skater Powerboats catamaran and the Swoop 377 Talon. The team is going to kick things off with the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City in mid-April, travel to SuperCat Fest and the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri in late August, then hit the Lake Powell Challenge in Northern Arizona in mid-September and maybe a couple of events in between.

“There are some top-secret things going on with Dial 911—you just have to wait to see her at Desert Storm,” Travis said. “It’s going to be pretty awesome!”

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