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Swoop Motorsports All Set for This Week’s Desert Storm Poker Run

Thanks to its tireless promotion of the brand and the performance boat industry overall through street parties, top-speed shootouts and social media presence, the Swoop Motorsports team has become a “must-see” at the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. This year should be no different, although don’t expect to see Summer Richardson setting any personal records in the event’s Shootout this Saturday.

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The Swoop Motorsports/Dial 911 Team is gearing up for another fun year at Desert Storm. Photo courtesy Swoop Motorsports

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According to Travis Richardson, the owner of Swoop Motorsports and team manager of the Dial 911 team, the 38-foot Dial 911 Skater Powerboats catamaran just received a fresh pair of 1,850-hp Carson Brummett Racing engines and is all set for the upcoming Desert Storm Poker Run. He said his wife, Summer, and her father, Don London, who has owned the Skater for many years, will be participating in the run together and that the team is taking its Shootout focus down a notch from last year.

“There have been some very heavy talks within our family about Summer, aka Mrs. Swoop, running the Dial 911 Skater in shootouts this year and we’ve all come to an agreement that we will not be gunning for any top-speed records this year,” Travis said. “We all know what this boat is capable of so we are going to go out there and just have fun, be safe and promote our sport and female participation in it. After running 176 mph on radar and 185 mph on GPS last year, Summer has proved she can handle the boat. There’s no need to push it any more.”

While she is likely to run the Skater in the Shootout still—to hopefully keep her “Queen of Desert Storm” crown and help be part of the show for the spectators—she’s looking forward to having more fun at Desert Storm this year.

“I’m excited to do a father-daughter team for the poker run,” Summer said. “The last time my dad and I ran together in a boat was my first shootout five years ago in his DCB Performance Boats F32—and we were crowned King and Queen of Desert Storm. Our family and friends are going to setup by Steamboat Cove to get pictures and videos, and enjoy the show.

“We’re also going to have a big turnout for the Street Party on Thursday,” she continued. “We have a great focus for the company this year, including growing our RC boat division. Please come see us at the party on Thursday night in Havasu. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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