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Swedish Outfits Collaborate On New Outboard-Powered Racing Catamaran Design

Based in Sweden, Swecat Racing—a team that competes on the Union Internationale Motonautique XCAT World Series circuit—has collaborated for the past sixth months with fellow Swedish company Mannerfelt Design Team to create a new canopied offshore racing catamaran called the Hypercat. The news was announced in a press release from the team today.

Designed to comply with XCAT and Super Boat International Stock-class technical specifications, the cat will measure 9.5 meters long (slightly more than 31 feet), 3 meters (approximately 9.8 feet) wide and be entirely constructed of vacuum-infused carbon fiber. The hull was designed specifically, though not exclusively, to be powered by twin Mercury Racing Verado 400 ROS outboard engines, which is the spec power setup for the XCAT World Series.


The Hypercat is designed to comply with XCAT and SBI Stock-class technical specifications.

“Using the latest technology in computer aided simulation software, CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamic), we have optimized the new Hypercat’s aerodynamic properties—front to back—to the point where it now boasts the same drag coefficient as the old generation, more narrow boats, despite being significantly wider and with more lift,” said Ocke Mannerfelt, who heads the Mannerfelt Design Team, in the release.

sotw yir16 preview

Added Ted Mannerfelt, “Luckily, fast shapes are most often also pleasing to the eye, which we truly feel is the case with the Hypercat.”

Working closely with U.I.M. officials, the Swecat and Mannerfelt groups designed Hypercat’s cockpit to comply with the latest U.I.M. safety guidelines coming into effect in 2017. The cockpit also includes suspension seats.

“Having suspension seats will truly give an edge during the kind of conditions we like to race in,” Mikael Bengtsson, who throttles the current Swecat Racing catamaran, in the release. “We are really looking forward to the new boat, and are confident that it will improve our chances of winning races next season.”

Swecat Racing did not release a build schedule or pricing for the new raceboat.

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