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SV Racing Outerlimits Catamaran Testing Tomorrow

Since announcing their plans to compete in the Supercat class during the inaugural Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats Factory Fun Run in August, Wisconsin’s Vinnie Diorio and Canadian Simon Prevost have been in something of a holding pattern. The 750-hp Factory Billet engines for their 39-foot catamaran built by the Bristol, R.I., custom high-performance custom powerboat company were still being crafted at the Factory Billet facility in Lake Zurich, Ill., when Diorio and Prevost, who dubbed the team SV Racing in a fun nod to their first names and the Outerlimits SV series sportboat line, made their announcement.

outer39svracing 01

Since its debut at the Outerlimits Factory Fun Run in August, this 39-footer has been rigged with Factory Billet engines and is scheduled for its first test session tomorrow. Photo courtesy/copyright Halsey Fulton.

Following its Rhode Island debut, the 39-footer—for the most part an empty shell wrapped in vinyl graphics for the event—was sent to Offshore Racing Services in Orlando, which is owned by veteran offshore racer and Outerlimits consultant Steve Curtis. From there the catamaran was hauled to the AMF Offshore Rigging/Miss GEICO facility in Riviera Beach. Once the engines arrived, the Offshore Racing Services and AMF Offshore Rigging crews combined forces to install and rig them.

“We worked with Steve’s ORS team to rig the boat and get it ready,” said Gary Stray of AMF Offshore Rigging, who also serves as the crew chief for the Miss GEICO team. “It has been a combined effort.”

The AMF and ORS crews worked as a team to rig the new SV Racing catamaran. Photos courtesy/copyright Gary Stray/speedonthewater.com.

Sometime today, they will start the cat’s engines in advance of tomorrow’s test first test session in Orlando—the boat will be hauled back tonight—with Diorio and Prevost in the cockpit. Both are heading to Orlando later today with the plan of testing and practicing together throughout Thursday. Unless something changes, their next practice sessions will be in Key West, Fla., in advance of the Race World Offshore Key West Championships next week.

“That’s our plan—to get the boat as close as we can to perfect and then head to Key West to turn laps and get seat time before the first race,” said Diorio.

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