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Super-Sized and Super-Powered MTI-V 57 Makes Quite a Splash in Miami

Despite having a half-dozen stunning MTI models surrounding it at the docks of Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin for the first day of the 2017 Miami International Boat Show, the all-new MTI-V 57 grabbed most of attention at the Wentzville, Mo., company’s booth. And for good reason since the first production-built 57-foot luxury performance center console, which featured four Seven Marine 627 engines, is the manufacturer’s latest and greatest—and biggest—model to date.

miami17 mti57

MTI’s new 57-foot center console was a real show stopper at the Miami International Boat Show. Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

Borrowing much of the styling and design cues from the MTI-V 42, the new 57-foot V-bottom makes the 42-footer look small, which isn’t easy to do.

“This is by far the most extensive boat we’ve built—it’s been a huge project and we’re excited to be able to show it off here in Miami,” said Randy Scism, MTI’s founder and owner. “The feedback so far has been great; everybody loves the boat, but we’ll have to see how we do at the show. That will be the real gauge.”

Although he hasn’t been able to run the boat wide-open throttle—the 627-hp engines have to stay below 3800 rpm for the first six hours in break-in mode—Scism said he’s been impressed with the 57-footer’s ride so far.

“The boat runs great—it’s a similar ride as the 42 but it’s bigger so it rides a little better,” Scism said. “It still feels sporty though even though it’s so big. We ran it 50 mph at 3800 rpm—we’re expecting it to run in the 70-mph range. At 50 mph, it’s getting about 0.9 mpg so it’s pretty good on fuel. It also has great acceleration with that much power—the boat responds very well with the Seven Marine 627s.”

The MTI-V 57 was joined at the docks by a pair of fully loaded MTI-V 42 models as well as a gorgeous new 52-foot cat that was painted by Visual Imagination, a stellar 48-foot cat and a beautiful 340X cat. Although Scism said the 57 was definitely receiving the most attention during the first day of the show, Spooled Up—the 52-foot cat powered by twin Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines—was a close second as was the company’s fourth 340X, which was also making its Miami International Boat Show debut.

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