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Super Cat Fest Organizing Friday Night Fashion Show Fundraiser

As the event has done throughout its 12-year history, Super Cat Fest is mixing it up a little this time around. Hosted at Camden on the Lake Resort in Lake Ozark, Mo., and coinciding with the 33rd annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, this year’s high-performance boating showcase scheduled for Aug. 26-29 includes a new Bikini Life Fashion Show—a charitable event on Friday, Aug. 27.

A few of the generous folks behind the Super Cat Fest Bikini Life Fashion Show—New York performance boat enthusiast Nolan Ferris, Buns Out Swimwear owner Josh Meyer, Buns Out Swimwear CEO Stephanie Phillips and Demon Bikini owner Leanna Shadlow (from left)—got together a couple of weeks ago at Camden on the Lake Resort to prepare for the upcoming fundraiser.

With support from three first-year sponsors, all of which supply swimwear and boating apparel—Boat Babe Official, Buns Out Swimwear and Demon Bikini—the new Bikini Life Fashion Show is going to benefit a family deeply connected with the local performance boat scene that has been dealing with some hardship for the past few years.

For those who don’t know the family, Pierre and Nicole Torres (right) adopted a son to expand their family and within a few months, Elijah ended up in the emergency room with numerous complications. It was ultimately determined that he was suffering from an autoimmune disease, and for the last few years he has been in and out of the hospital and has withstood three stem cell transplants.

Throughout the process, Nicole Torres, who has been a key supporter of Super Cat Fest for many years as the director of sales and marketing for Camden on the Lake, and Pierre Torres, who is the executive chef at Redhead Lakeside Grill, have been dividing their time—with tremendous support from their employers—by taking turns being at the hospital each and every day while Elijah endures his challenging road to recovery.

As expected, there is no downtime for the couple, nor is it something that Nicole or Pierre even contemplate—they are just looking forward to the day Elijah comes home and can begin to know the routine of a child’s life. And, as if the relentless physical and mental challenges thrust upon them haven’t been difficult enough, they’ve been burdened with the economic strains that come with continuous health care.

According to Nolan Ferris, a performance boater from New York who has taken on a larger role with Super Cat Fest this year, the Torres family was hesitant to accept the assistance when approached to be the charitable aspect of the new fashion show that is going to provide attendees the chance to bid on and win the evening’s modeled attire that promises to look amazing on or off the bow of a boat.

“Nicole and Pierre don’t complain—they endure, finding happiness and light where they can,” Ferris said. “They move forward only looking for the emotional support of both their family and friends. It is all they have ever asked. So, while knowing that the last 18 months have been challenging for all of us, it is with a quiet kindness and a deep-hearted plea that we’re asking everyone who is able to consider the plight of this young couple and its endearing, warrior son to contemplate giving or bidding at the auction during this event.”

Ferris added that if any people or businesses would like to be involved or offer support for the Bikini Life Fashion Show, to contact him directly or reach out via the Super Cat Fest Facebook page.

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