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Sunsation Still Developing Larger CCX Model

Though the size of Sunsation’s next CCX performance-oriented center console has changed a couple of times since company owners Wayne Schaldenbrand, his brother, Joe Schaldenbrand, and their partner Jared Morris began discussing it almost a year ago, the Algonac, Mich., boat builder is still working on the project. According to Wayne Schaldenbrand, Vectorworks Marine in Titusville, Fla., will cut the plugs for what will be a 39-foot Center Console Xtreme with a 10-foot beam.

sunsation32ccx 11

A 39-footer eventually will be added to Sunsation’s family of 29-, 32- (shown here) and 34-foot CCX models.

sotw yir16 preview

“We are also playing with the idea of having Vectorworks make the tools for us,” he said. “As busy as we are right now, it might not make business sense to do it here.

“We just built a whole rash of 32s and we have a whole bunch of orders for 34s,” he continued. “We’re trying to alternate back and forth between building 32s and 34s.”

Schaldenbrand said that once he delivers a design/tool-path to Vectorworks it will still take 12 months to complete the first 39 CCX. In the meantime, the entire crew at Sunsation is busy filling orders and production is already “close to sold out” for 2017. Sunsation CCX models will be exhibited through Performance Boat Center during the upcoming Miami International Boat Show.

“The people at Performance Boat Center tell us that the 32 CCX is a dead-ringer—they can’t get enough of them,” said Schaldenbrand. “They came back up here not long ago to talk about the 39, and now it is on the front burner again. The cabin in that boat will probably stay the same and the hardtop will be close to the same, though swept back further. But the rear cockpit will have more space.”

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