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Sunsation Building Open-Cockpit Outboard-Powered 32-Footer

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Vaunted builder to offer updated take on a sportboat classic.

With its CCX series of high-performance center consoles, Sunsation Boats reinvented itself and assured its future. The Algonac, Mich., company has been particularly successful with its 32-footer, and in the words of Sunsation’s resident designer/mad scientist Wayne Schaldenbrand, the company “can’t build them fast enough” to meet demand. Like his Sunsation partners Kyle Miller, Jared Morris and his brother, Joe, he knows that’s a high-class problem—and one that everyone company is delighted to have.

But as most performance-boat enthusiasts know, Sunsation made much of its considerable name with 28-foot and 32-foot closed-deck sportboats. Impressive as the builder’s 43-foot F4 V-bottom is, the company’s early success and reputation were built on the smaller single- and twin-engine stern-drive models.

Times and tastes have changed, of course, and as noted above Sunsation has adapted with three outboard engine-powered Center Console Xtreme—hence the CCX designation—models. But the pure sportboats still hold a place in the hearts of the Sunsation faithful, as well as the people behind the brand.

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