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Sunsation Adding 32 CCX

Despite that they established their Algonac, Mich., company on pure performance boats backed by great customer service, Wayne and Joe Schaldenbrand of Sunsation Powerboats in Algonac, Mich., have zero problem with center consoles leading their current sales and production. Don’t get me wrong, the Schaldenbrands are go-fast folks to the core, but they’re also smart businessmen who’ve been savvy enough to adapt to a changing market. To that end, they’ve reaped success with their 34- and 29-foot Center Console Extreme—hence the CCX designation—performance center consoles, both of which boast uncommonly spacious cabins.


Sunsation’s new 32 CCX will fit between its 29- and 34-foot center console offerings. 

Building on that success, Sunsation will add a 32-footer to the CCX Series next year. While it won’t be ready for a 2015 Miami International Boat Show debut, it will be finished by spring, according to Joe Schaldenbrand.

“The 32 CCX is right between the 29 and the 34,” he said. “The 34 has a 10-foot beam, and the 29 has an eight-foot beam. The 32 will have a nine-foot beam. It’s going to have the same cabin and top as the 34, but the boat will just be a couple of feet smaller.

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