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Sunsation 39 CCX Tooling Delivered, Construction Underway

Wasting no time since taking delivery of the hull tooling yesterday—and the deck tooling last week—for the new Sunsation 39 CCX model, the build team at the Algonac, Mich.-based performance center console builder will pull the first hull and deck from those parts within the next two days. The  lamination process, of course, actually began when the tooling for the Tres Martin bottom-designed 39-footer was completed at Vectorworks Marine in Titusville, Fla.


Vectorworks delivered the hull and deck tooling for the 39 CCX with complete parts inside.

“We sent a team of employees, including our head laminator, down there to lay up the first one in the molds,” said Joe Schaldenbrand, who owns the company with his brother, Wayne, and partners Jared Morris and Kyle Miller. “The first model, which will be powered by quad Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines, is going to Performance Boat Center. They were instrumental in the build process.”

“The hull and deck are still in the molds, and we’re using our F4 sportboat stands to hold the hull mold—it looks just like we built it here,” said Wayne Schaldenbrand. “We may even pop it out later today. Right now, I’m working on the hard top.”

While neither Schaldenbrand was ready to set a completion date for hull No. 1, both said they were confident the boat would be an outstanding performer, especially in rough conditions. To that end, they gave Martin a few basic imperatives and then turned him loose on the design.

“This is a Tres Martin design, so I am very confident in its rough-water ability,” said Wayne. “He and I get along so well and think alike so I have a huge comfort level with him. I think it’s going to be a wave crusher.

“It has a full bottom with no notch in the transom, just like our 32 CCX,” he added. “That was one of things I told Tres I wanted.”

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