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Sunsation 32 CCX Update: Priming the Plug

When speedonthewater.com bumped into Joe Schaldenbrand, the younger of the two brothers behind Sunsation Powerboats, at the Conch Republic in Key West, Fla., last Friday he was overlooking the docks with his 20-year-old son, Jeremy, who seemed to be enjoying his first trip to Key West.

The primer for the bottom plug of Sunsation's new 32 CCX was applied this week.

The primer for the bottom plug of Sunsation’s new 32 CCX was applied this week (click to see full image).

A pair of new Sunsation 34 CCX models was rafted up at the poker run village docks and drawing plenty of attention. Schaldenbrand, who was probably picturing the Algonac, Mich., company’s new 32 CCX at the docks for next year’s poker run, said his customers had a great run from Miami to Key West on Thursday and that he took the easy way out by flying in and out of Key West since there was plenty of work to get done back at the shop.

Click image to enlarge  Click image to enlargeAlong with orders to fulfill for several sportboats and a multitude of 29- and 34-foot center consoles, the next addition to the Sunsation “Center Cabin Xtreme” lineup—a 32-footer—is a primary focus. In fact, Schaldenbrand’s brother, Wayne, didn’t come to Key West because he was in “Wayne’s World,” as Joe refers to it, making progress on the new 32 CCX.

Joe, who has a few sales leads from Key West coming to visit the factory this week and next thanks to Sunsation’s on-site dealers Doller Offshore Marine and Unriehl Sunsation, sent us some images today of the crew shooting primer on the bottom plug of the new 32-footer. “The project is rolling along perfect,” he said.

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